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Structural Engineering

Fatigue Assessment, Life Extension, Upgrades

AMOG is able to undertake advanced engineering analysis and detailed design of marine and land based structures and systems. This industry-recognisedcapability is founded upon the combination of experience gained from many years of active consulting and leading-edge research with the expert application of advanced numerical techniques and state-of-the art software based analytical tools.

  • Structural Curtain from dam wall portrait
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AMOG’s capabilities include:

  • Implicit and explicit non-linear element analysis techniques
  • Post yield and collapse behavior prediction
  • Material rupture simulation
  • Accounting for non-linear geometric and material strain rate effects
  • Multi-component contact interaction and friction
  • Blast and collision loading
  • Large displacement time domain analysis
  • Fatigue and Fracture mechanics

AMOG is able to support clients by offering the following structural engineering services:

  • Design of Offshore and Onshore Structures/Components
  • Structural Design Appraisal, Reassessment and Third-Party Audit
  • Condition Monitoring and Instrumentation of Structures
  • Failure investigation and Forensic Engineering
  • Fracture Mechanics Assessments
  • Fatigue Assessments, Life Extension and Structural Upgrades
  • Impact Assessments
  • Blast and Collapse Analysis
  • Hydrodynamic Loading Structures
  • Structural Assessment of Dynamic Systems
  • Fracture Mechanics Assessments