AMOG Consulting has more than 15 years of experience in process and functional safety engineering, and proven expertise in the areas of safety assessments, compliance, and independent verification.

As part of an ongoing project, AMOG has been working closely alongside REMSAFE to develop and implement new engineering processes to deliver the REMSAFE Remote Isolation System (RIS).

The RIS is a system that provides a plant operator the ability to automatically, on command, isolate fixed equipment from its energy sources, and verify the isolation and lockout to undertake maintenance tasks in a safe manner. The objective for the REMSAFE system is to remove the need for an isolation officer or electrician to attend switch-rooms and substations to manually isolate equipment. The RIS takes less than 3 minutes to isolate equipment, with one isolation lockout switch and two push buttons this new automated process;

  • Removes personnel from potentially dangerous tasks, such as switching or racking of isolators;

  • Removes the element of human error associated with incomplete or incorrect isolation of plant;

  • Provides a safe, verified isolation that is assured to an appropriate Safety Integrity Level (SIL); and

  • And increases production output by reducing downtime required to isolate and de-isolate plant for maintenance.

AMOG has been working alongside REMSAFE to offer clients independent verification of the functional safety of the RIS; reviewing the design engineering life cycle, providing functional safety support, and independent validation for compliance to AS61508-2011 by undertaking Functional Safety Assessments (FSAs) . Where required, AMOG has also provided functional safety training for end users to instil the required competence to operate and manage a SIL rated system.

AMOG has worked alongside REMSAFE on numerous applications of the RIS technology in the iron ore mining sector. Most recently, REMSAFE and AMOG installed and verified the RIS for the Zibulo Mine (owned and operated by Anglo American Coal South Africa (AACSA)) - the first REMSAFE system to be implemented by the coal industry and the first system to be implemented in South Africa.

For more information, you can contact AMOG or REMSAFE.

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